Serious measles helicopter

Bucket of crabs, fingers in the socket, electric crustaceans nibbling biscuits with a swarm of hornets. Far too comfy in the hive, lounging on the deck, elevator music for the insomnia patented to galvanise your ears. Hotbed in brine, jetty toward the shore, it’s dinner time before the long hibernation of the opossums. Lilies brought to the roundtable, meeting of the greats, offending scenery scenario binned for goodness sake. Phosphorescent khakis fed to overweight poodles learning how to bounce. Three point shot, target on lock, bless the little marsupial vaping on the noose. Hear the chit chat in the mews? Turn on the TV the culprit has carved his meagre moniker on the tree of doom. Goodbye heirloom, hail the serious measles helicopter.