Archibald Blondinet, the product of an immaculate conception, is a surrealist writer and artist with a multi-faceted split personality known by most ventriloquists for tormenting the sensical part of the brain with the whimsical precision of an epileptic mongoose hopping from tree to tree.

During his adolescence in the Helvetic meadows of his childhood, he developed a special affection for rhymes of the concrete operas illuminating his synapses with delightful multisyllabic neons. His relationship with the luminous prose solidified with the discovery of the English language in London, where he had gone to lose his marbles.

As all roads lead to Rome, he soon started toying with his own words, disorderly laying them between the impeccable lines of bloodthirsty notebooks for the pure joy of his pear-eating peers. The bells of his masquerade started to ring louder than the truth itself, so he kept sashaying along the same longitude.

Inspired by the automatic writing of André Breton, the surrealist movement as a whole, and the absurdity of everyday life, his style evolved over the years, to the coma-inducing parallel reality that it is today. He recently started giving his writing a visual companion, proving to the sceptics that the Earth is indeed flat.

He has since relocated to the country of the ascending solar star and dedicates every one of his seconds of silence to the thirst-quenching cause. Switching between writing and illustrating the most absurd oxymorons, he savours every head-scratching word pairing and eccentric parable like a bipolar marshmallow on a drifting dingy boat.