Archibald Blondinet

Surrealist writer and illustrator

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Lactating bears

On the road to perdition hopping over mossy river drains, sensing an over exposed feeling of rising joy, I appointed the hovering gloved bears milking their melted peers as members...

Hello routine

Hello routine, beautiful stranger with a lisp, guiding light of the comfort drones nesting in the outgrowth of flesh in the ear of a wrestler with seven hands. Hello routine,...


Blue facades in the sweltering heat, young devouts peppering waves with a spoonful of manganese. Please be courteous at the eerie gate, out goes the merry fire, a waterproof sponge...

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In a few words

Archibald Blondinet, product of an immaculate conception, is a disgruntled surrealist writer and illustrator with a multi-faceted split personality known by most ventriloquists for tormenting the sensical part of the brain with the whimsical precision of an epileptic mongoose hoping from tree to tree.


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