Run some more

Bewildered by a swarm of children playing violin with their vocal chords, already debriefed on the rather acoustic nature of today’s news. Enjoy the resurgence of endangered species of the puzzle, grab my hand and I’ll show you a sneezing koala. Care to spray your gathered thoughts all over this poppy field? Genius of you to shove dental floss in a salty sachet of leek, may it turn your tapestry into an beautiful alcove. Still standing near the elevator to street level? Leave the sewer at your own expense, no change to spare. Lost in a daze, days spent fermenting the hop with a befriended sparrow, but are we spied on yet? Freeze, pop and lock, look straight ahead and run until your veins pump battery acid, until the cool breeze turns your bumblebee into a placid punk. And then run some more. I’ll be waiting for the frigidity to equalize itself with the mathematical equations that melt a plethora of infantile imbeciles, are you one of them? Just run some more.