Blue facades in the sweltering heat, young devouts peppering waves with a spoonful of manganese. Please be courteous at the eerie gate, out goes the merry fire, a waterproof sponge is now your best flame. Scorn in abundance, head bopping moist in the air, let the measles fiesta begin with a bang. Rubber band booed off stage, adrenaline jolt to the liver, majestic cowards with a misty beard in the cave.

Regulars now arriving at the praying field, disappearance in the media, that borrowed frenzy was too much to climb. Wonderful deeds in the glossary, sparrows pecking the lion’s bone, you too were once the same pastiche decoy. There’s no shame in learning to die, poolside table for two at the final nest, where spring precedes winter once a day.

Gender-neutral oligarchs pounding their chests, boulders on a tightrope, detox in the valley of gimps. Infectious smile in a bowl of guacamole, belated birthday regrets, envisioning the future without one’s own nebula. Minutes from gangrene, gang signs for greetings, kiss the wrong chutney and your wombat is mine. Held up and gagged, the joke’s on strike, dreaming in gold so why is your soul so detached?

Prude collaterals in the garnish, terrifying speech after a beaten record, different time zones but same rare mollusk on the balcony. Throw a driverless atom at the vicar, vinegar-based ablutions, who told the beautician that the ghouls were near? Limited edition genocides trending on Prime, consuming over-the-counter flattery, stroke of a genius on arrival. Total ban on perfect plastic visages, neutrons wrapped in liquid silver, guaranteed landing on the minty asteroid.

Gimmicks by the thousands, fruits in the thyroid, beg the breadwinner to let you soak up the crust. Unbearable urges, UV-proof crush on the titans, filling time like the compulsory fields of a cancellation form. Chameleon stripes across the abdomen, witness the vacant beauty, meet me at the minibar in the attic once the moon completes itself. Wed a snake charmer, aloof in the city, going the distance, the theaters always win bronze on Wednesdays.